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Action needed: let’s get the CIA torture report released

Posted 11:16 EST on November 26, 2014

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Our country’s spy agencies think they’re above the law. Now, we’ve got a unique chance to leak their dirtiest secrets and hold them accountable. Best of all, it’s perfectly legal.

Click here to ask Senator Mark Udall to read the CIA Torture Report into the Congressional record.

Here’s the story: the Bush-era CIA tortured people. Horrifically, and illegally. The Senate Intelligence committee investigated (getting spied on by the CIA in the process!) and wants to make the report public. But the CIA and the White House are blocking its release.

One Senator on the committee, Mark Udall, lost his reelection bid this year and won’t be returning to the Senate. That’s our loophole: since Udall has nothing to lose, and because members of Congress are immune for anything said in the Congressional record, Udall can leak the report without breaking any law.

But he needs our encouragement: tell Senator Mark Udall to read the CIA Torture Report into the Congressional record.

The public deserves to know what the government has been doing in our name. Here’s our chance to drag one of the government’s biggest secrets into the light. Let’s do this and stop runaway spy agencies like the CIA from thinking they can operate above the law.

Kevin and Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. We know many people are focused today on the events unfolding in Ferguson. We’ve written to you before with our thoughts. We fight for free speech online and off. If you feel called to protest, here’s a list of nationwide demonstrations (not maintained by FFTF). Stay safe. Justice doesn’t always come quickly, but it will come.

[1] Ackerman, Spencer. The Guardian. “Senate committee votes to declassify parts of CIA torture report“.

[2] Itkowitz, Colby. The Washington Post. “Will Mark Udall release details of CIA torture report before he goes?”.

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PRESS RELEASE: Huge spike in net neutrality action—more than 44,000 phone calls to the FCC in last month, 25,000 people emailed Congress yesterday

Posted 11:01 EST on November 20, 2014

Nov 20th, 2014

Media contact:
Evan Greer, Fight for the Future
Phone: 978-852-6457


More than 25,000 net neutrality supporters have emailed Congress in the last 24 hours to say that Title II reclassification is not a partisan issue

Net neutrality supporters see huge spike in action. 44,000 calls made to the FCC in the last month.

WASHINGTON – Angered by disingenuous anti-net neutrality statements from Congress members who are top recipients of cable and telecom company donations, more than 25,000 people have taken action on in the past 24 hours by emailing their representatives to say that net neutrality is not a partisan issue. Supporters are sending a letter asking their representatives to speak out in support of the FCC enacting real net neutrality protections through Title II reclassification.

The campaign, which has generated an overwhelming response in a short time, is the latest push from Fight for the Future, a digital rights group that has been at the forefront of the net neutrality fight. In the last month alone, the group has helped drive more than 44,000 phone calls to the FCC through and has organized more than 40 demonstrations around the country, including last week’s successful Party at the FCC.

The campaign received a big boost on Nov 13 when a prominent blog post from reddit helped drive more than 9,000 phone calls in a day. The page is also supported by Demand Progress, CREDO, and Democracy for America.

“Net neutrality is not a partisan issue, but Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are desperate to make it one, and they are calling in all their favors in Congress right now,” said Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder of Fight for the Future, “Thanks to the free and open Internet, the public is not as easily fooled as we used to be when Cable TV was our main source of news. Every member of Congress should know that there will be a political price to pay if they stand in the way of net neutrality and break the Internet on behalf of their Cable company donors.”

“If the FCC were a truly democratic agency that worked in the interest of the public, we’d have a Title II net neutrality rule this week,” added Holmes Wilson, Fight for the Future’s other co-founder, “By delaying, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is advancing the interests of the telecom and cable industries–and so is every member of Congress who hasn’t supported Title II.”

The group says that the campaign is just getting started, and expects that tens of thousands more people will be emailing Congress in the hours and days to come, demanding an end to partisan nonsense and full support for a free and open Internet.


Fight for the Future works to excite the Internet to fight for the public good, our basic rights and freedoms. Founded in 2011, we’re known for effective, viral organizing and mass engagement through the distributed organizing platforms we’ve built, including the SOPA protests in the winter of 2011-2012 and the Internet Defense League. For more information, or our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Net neutrality is not a partisan issue. Tell Congress not to be idiots.

Posted 15:53 EST on November 19, 2014

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Signature needed: Tell Congress you’re not fooled by Comcast’s lies.

Net neutrality is not a partisan issue. Since the Internet was built it’s been based on a few basic principles: like the idea that everyone’s data should move at the same speed, and no government or corporation should interfere or decide what you can see and do online.

That’s not a liberal or conservative idea. It’s just a good idea. Everyone from venture capitalists to environmentalists support it. [1]

But now that we’re potentially days away from getting a rule to prevent Cable company F*$kery, monopolies like Comcast and Verizon are doubling down on manipulating the process: they’re calling in all their favors in Congress by tapping the offices of everyone they donated to. [2] And, it’s working.

Despite net neutrality being obvious policy, their pals in Congress are working to screw things up again by making this into a partisan circus, and unleashing Cable propaganda. All to take focus away from the facts: the Internet has thrived with net neutrality for 20 years, and we need to keep the net neutral to keep it awesome.

Tell Congress you’re not fooled by Comcast’s lies and won’t tolerate partisan nonsense. Click here to take action.

Fortunately, the public isn’t fooled. We know that net neutrality is not “regulating the Internet.” It’s just ground rules that PREVENT mega-corporations like Comcast and governments from regulating the Internet in their own interest.

This Friday is the last day for the FCC to come out with a proposal for full Title II reclassification. If they don’t, part of the blame rests with Congress, who have been muddying the waters on this issue even though there is a clear public consensus.

Sign the petition to your lawmakers: tell them you’re not fooled by lies or partisan politics and you want them to support real net neutrality.

We’re close. Really close. But this fight is going to get uglier before we win. FOIA’d documents that were just released show just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and just how cozy the relationship between the FCC and the telecoms really is. [3] Stay vigilant. Check your facts. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet and DEFINITELY don’t believe what you see on Cable TV.

We’ve come this far – we’ve taken Title II reclassification from something that was impossible to something that now seems nearly inevitable. We’re ready to take it home and we’re proud to have you on the team.

Please share widely with all your networks and encourage your friends and family to email Congress this week!

-Evan at FFTF

P.S. We put together a quick website as an easy resource to counteract Cable lies about net neutrality. Check it out and share! Let us know if you have other Cable lies we should debunk there.

[1] Battle for the Net.

[2] Furnas, Alexander and Lee Drutman. “How telecoms and cable have dominated net neutrality lobbying”. Sunlight Foundation.

[3] Leopold, Jason. “Net neutrality emails reveal cozy ‘social network’ between FCC and telecoms”. Vice Magazine.

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USA Freedom Act: a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Posted 13:16 EST on November 18, 2014


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Today, two years after we learned about the US government’s massive surveillance programs on every Internet user in the world, the Senate goes to vote on a bill that’s supposed to end them. But it’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing so far; as written, it does not protect free speech in the digital age.

We need you to help make sure USA Freedom does not pass tonight. It has major flaws that Congress has failed to address. Click here to get the number to call, and retweet this if you’re on Twitter.

We’ve learned together how mass surveillance is censorship – think of how often you’ve censored yourself since learning about the NSA’s and other government programs. No open society has its government and the largest corporations monitor everyone’s actions.  They’re breaking the law, but trying to make it status quo.

Today’s the day to send a message to governments of the world that you’re against mass surveillance and won’t be fooled by fake fixes. Click here to take action and share.

This bill is bad already, and they’re about to open it up for amendments, where it could get even worse. Here’s the key issues:

  1. It  does almost nothing for mass surveillance: NSA can still access most of  our call and Internet data through loopholes; it also reauthorizes the PATRIOT Act. [1]

  2. SOPA’s sister bill, “the Bieber bill” for streaming felonies might get added!!! [2]

  3. CISA / CISPA, which would allow companies to openly violate privacy law and share our data might get added. [3]

This organization stands and fights for free speech in the digital age. We want to see a real NSA reform bill pass, but this isn’t that. Let’s all say loudly that the USA Freedom Act doesn’t go far enough, so that next time Congress tries to “fix” this problem, they know we’re watching closely.

Click here, call and retweet:

Thanks for all you do.

Tiffiniy and Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. Here’s the full letter opposing USA Freedom we signed onto with Firedoglake, CREDO,  Sunlight Foundation, and whistleblowers William Binney, Daniel Ellsberg, and more:

[1] Wheeler, Marcy. “Why I Don’t Support USA Freedom Act”. Empty Wheel.

[2] Masnick, Mike. “Harry Reid Wants To Attach Part Of SOPA To Surveillance Reform Bill”. Techdirt.

[3] Bennett, Cory. “Cyber bill’s fate hinges on NSA reform”. The Hill.

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