Battle Lines are Drawn

Technology has the power to transform our society, upend injustice, and hold powerful people and institutions accountable. But it can also be used to silence the marginalized, automate oppression, and trample our basic rights. This is the battleground we fight on: to defend technology as a force for liberation, not tyranny.

Recent Projects

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Censoring TikTok won’t address valid privacy and security concerns. All it will do is reinforce xenophobic tropes and silence millions of people who’ve built a platform on the app and use it for news, entertainment, activism, and community.

Battle for the Net

Net neutrality is the basic principle that ensures no one can block our access to websites, throttle our Internet speeds, or impose unfair fees. We need a functional FCC to restore it now.

Data Privacy Now

We have watched lawmakers push bad internet bills long enough. We need comprehensive privacy legislation at the federal level that prioritizes people — not corporations — and puts us back in control of our personal information.

Make Slack Safe

Safety should be an inherent feature of the tech we use in our daily lives and our workplaces. Sign the letter to demand Slack put user privacy and security first. Tell them to Make Slack Safe.

Stop Data Brokers

Data brokers have a staggering reach into the most private corners of our lives. Large data brokers possess detailed information on more than two-thirds of U.S. residents, tracking where we go, who we know, and what we do each day.

Ban Facial Recognition at Live Events

Artists, venues, and fans: you have a choice when it comes to the technology that’s present at live events. Pledge now to help us fight it.

Don't Track My Car

Big Tech’s automotive ambitions are bad for our economy and dangerous for drivers. The U.S. government must take regulatory action right now to stop Big Tech from taking control of our cars, before it’s too late.

Protect Privacy Tools

Open source, decentralized, human rights and privacy preserving orgs are calling on their users to demand that the 118th Congress to take a principled stand and protect privacy.

Battle for Libraries

Sign the petition to show your support for the Internet Archive, libraries’ digital rights, and an open internet with uncensored access to knowledge.


This bill makes kids less safe, not more safe. And it would kill online privacy and free expression. Tell your lawmakers to oppose it!


VICTORY: We won at the IRS. Now we must ensure that all government agencies using facial recognition for verification cancel their contracts and reject these tools.

Cancel Ring Nation

Ring is not family-friendly, and we can’t let MGM use Ring Nation to put a happy face on this privacy-violating surveillance tool. Cancel Ring Nation now.

Ban eProctoring

We are calling on schools to end the use of invasive eproctoring apps.

Google: Stop Endangering Abortion Seekers

In the wake of Roe v. Wade repeal, Google's location data stockpile will be weaponized against abortion patients and doctors. We're demanding an immediate stop to unnecessary collection and retention of our location data.

End Creative Monopolies

The current U.S. copyright system is broken. Our laws for creative works like books, songs, and movies make art-monopolizing corporations richer at the expense of artists. We demand change.


Antitrust bills are stalled for now, but Big Tech’s days are numbered

Free the iPhone

The App Store isn’t just a storefront. It is a chokepoint that Apple wields to control the Internet. Free the iPhone Now.

Amazon Doesn't Rock

VICTORY: After major backlash from artists and music lovers, Red Rocks Amphitheater has ended its use Amazon palm scanning technology.

How to Stop Facebook

The best way to stop Facebook’s harms for the whole world is to cut off the fuel supply for its dangerous machine. It's time to pass a real data privacy law that ends their harmful business model forever.


A poorly written provision included in the infrastructure bill would effectively crush the cryptocurrency ecosystem, expand surveillance, and endanger human rights. We must push for a fix now.

Cancel Amazon + Police Partnerships

Over 1,400 of Amazon's police partners use Ring footage to target protesters and surveil everyone. These partnerships threaten our rights + our democracy.


VICTORY: We organized nationwide protests against Apple's proposed backdoor in iOS 15. The plan is shelved for now.

Ban Facial Recognition in Stores

Your face should not be scanned, stored, or sold just because you walk into or work at a store. Ban facial recognition in stores.

No COVID-19 in Our Name

Artists and creators penned an open letter to call for the sharing of life saving medical technology.

End Child Surveillance

Technology companies are preying on our children for profit and putting them in danger. We need to protect our kids.

Protest Amazon

Amazon's surveillance empire fuels militarized policing. It needs to stop.

Stop Spotify Surveillance

Tell Spotify to drop its creepy plan to spy on our conversations and emotionally manipulate us for profit.

Stop Spying on Kids

We are calling for four major changes to protect kids online: ban addictive and manipulative app features; ban micro-targeted advertising; limit data collection itself; and ban biometric stalkerware.

Abolish the App Store

It’s time to free the iPhone.

Make Zoom Safe

VICTORY: We won a campaign to get Zoom to offer end-to-end encryption for all accounts, regardless of payment status.

Operation Save Democracy

We helped everyone on the Internet to come together and get out the vote in 2020.

Fight for Privacy

Tell Congress to support data privacy protections that put people—not corporations—in control of their data.

Who Can Get Your Book?

Many books are not available at libraries, depriving people of the opportunity to read, learn, and improve their lives. We're calling attention to this injustice.

No Big Tech

The Biden/Harris administration must exclude Big Tech lobbyists from key government positions in order to make policies that benefit everyone in America.

Rescind Ring

Amazon Ring cameras continue to be given awards despite issues with security, privacy, and racial profiling. It’s time for reviewers to rescind their endorsements of these dangerous products.

Stop Financial Surveillance

The US Treasury is considering a new rule that would impose government surveillance on cryptocurrency transactions. We're telling them to stop.

Proctorio Is Worse Than a Proctology Exam

Hundreds of thousands of students around the world are fighting back against creepy e-proctoring app Proctorio and their equally creepy CEO, Mike Olsen.

Who Is Harming Kids?

YouTube's invasive advertising hurts kids. Are the brands you support contributing to the problem? View our scorecard to find out.

Save Online Free Speech

President Trump issued an executive order attacking CDA 230, the law that protects free speech online. Tell the FCC what you think about this disastrous policy.

Stop the PATRIOT Act

By labeling political activists “terrorists,” the government uses the PATRIOT Act to justify their invasive — and unconstitutional — surveillance. It's time to stop the government from spying on people.

End Ring Partnerships

As police have militarized and increased their budgets, technology corporations like Amazon have become their silent partners. Let's put an end to these dangerous partnerships.

Take This Seriously

The COVID-19 pandemic threatens our public health, but many proposed responses to this new coronavirus threaten our privacy and personal safety. We must take all these threats seriously.

Ring Safety Warning

Amazon Ring doorbells expose your personal information, share your video footage without your knowledge, and leave you vulnerable to hackers.

Stay at Home Fest

We organized an online music festival and provided artists with resources to host their own shows and connect with others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scan Congress

Facial recognition technology is incredibly invasive, but there are virtually no laws limiting its use. So we scanned Congress to prove how easy — and legal! — it is track people online and IRL.

Investigate Amazon

Amazon’s business model is surveillance. They infiltrate our neighborhoods and homes with products that record everything we do. It's time for that to stop.

Ban Facial Recognition on Campus

Dangerous facial recognition is already being used on college campuses across America. We've teamed up with student groups to fight back.

Ban Facial Recognition at Festivals

We've convinced musical artists, venues, and promoters to take a stand against using invasive and racially-biased facial recognition technology at music festivals.

Save Security

Encryption saves lives. We must defend it.


Tech workers have the power to stop unethical uses of technology. Whistleblowing is an act of love for humanity.

Gamers for Freedom

Game developers and publishers are censoring gamers for expressing political opinions, so we are fighting to protect our basic human rights.

Vote for Net Neutrality

VoteBot used text messages to help people register to vote, know where politicians stood on net neutrality, and contact their lawmakers.

First Responders for Net Neutrality

We saw the true danger of the FCC's net neutrality repeal when Verizon was caught throttling California fire fighters.

Drop Salesforce

We demanded Salesforce cancel their contract with US Customs and Border Protection and set up a “Detention Center” at Dreamforce.

Businesses for Net Neutrality

Small businesses can't survive without the open Internet. Competition and free markets online are essential to small business.

Let’s Get Safe

Securing your phone and computer can feel overwhelming. This site makes it easy.

Hello Vote

Register to vote, get reminders to vote, and encourage your friends to show up to the polls on election day with the HelloVote chat bot.

Poor People's Campaign

A season of nonviolent moral direct action to save our democracy.

The Poor People's Campaign

Somebody’s hurting our people. It’s gone on far too long, and we won’t be silent anymore.

Earth Day Live

On April 22-24, millions around the world took to the web to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Digital Climate Strike

Join millions of people walking out of their homes and workplaces to show their support for environmental protection through a digital strike. No more business as usual!